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Need for Engineers on the rise: Recent trends suggest that the economy is starting to show signs of rebounding and the demand for engineers reflects this as well. Job orders for engineers have increased and engineering firms are scrambling to put talent in place. Will your engineer staffing needs accommodate that next big project that may be just around the corner?

Donít be left wondering if it's not too late to find an engineer in a market that already is critically short of engineers? Why wait, let us help you now to get your engineering team in place. We operate on a contingency fee, so you only pay our fee if you hire our engineer. There is no cost to interview our candidates. Call or contact us through our website and let us help you find your next engineer.

THE AVERY GROUP INC. is a professional engineer recruiting firm that offers complete recruiting solutions for your companies needs. Our recruiters bring numerous years of experience to assist our clients and candidates. We work with clients and candidates alike to ensure that a suitable match is made. There is never a fee paid by candidates and interested candidates are encouraged to visit our Hot Jobs page to see available engineering jobs or email us their resume.

Old Fashion Engineering Headhunters:
We at THE AVERY GROUP, INC. are old fashion engineering headhunters. Operating under time tested and true methods while producing results filling engineering jobs with only the best candidates in the field. Clients and Candidates will both benefit by using our services. In todays market there is a high demand for engineers, but top candiates are in short supply.

Benefits of using our services:

We at THE AVERY GROUP, INC are able to find engineers and pursue hidden talent that isnít on the job market. Most of the seasoned professionals are currently employed, not looking for engineering jobs. Most companies target those applicants that are currently in the job market. Often times companies revert to applicants found listed on search sites or ones who have mass mailed their resume to everyone. Our Engineering Recruiters are able to target those who are for the most part satisfied with their current position, but keep their eyes and ears open to opportunities that may come available.

We are able to target and refer only those applicants who are motivated to make the transition to a new employer for the right reasons. Professional recruiting is no longer limited to the search for top executives. In engineering many mid-management and even entry level positions are filled using the services of engineer recruiters from a search firm.

Hiring the wrong person is a costly mistake and companies have come to realize just that. Therefore, utilizing the services of our engineer recruiters to present only the best suited potential candidates for the position can be very beneficial. Most Recruiting Services offer some type of written guarantee with their services. Another benefit of using our engineer recruiters is their ability to assist in the negotiation process and deliver the offer and acceptance.

Often times candidates will speak only to a Headhunter for reason of confidentiality. They also like the idea of having someone negotiating on there behalf. Competition for Engineering Candidates is fierce in todayís industry. It is important to go with an Engineering Recruiter that you feel will be capable of selling your company to potential candidates and find an engineer that is a good fit for your company. We here at THE AVERY GROUP can do just that.

Shortage of Engineers:

According to a news release from the University of Southampton, it states, ďThe UK's Civil Engineering industry is currently facing a demographic crisis: over the next decade, approximately half the country's practicing chartered civil engineers - a total of 15,000 professionals - will retire. However, during that period, only 6,000 new graduates are expected to join the profession, as the number of graduates entering the profession experiences a prolonged decline.Ē

Likewise the U.S. faces the same dilemma with a shortage of Civil Engineers (PE). It appears that there currently is or will be a shortage particularly in the areas of transportation /infrastructure and water resources. With the increased awareness and governmental regulations on the environment, we are also seeing an increased demand for Environmental Engineers. Companies looking to hire Civil Engineers are finding them in short supply and more companies are seeking the services of engineering recruiters to deliver top quality candidates for critical positions.

Itís not uncommon to speak with companies that have had need of civil engineer positions for over a year and not been able to fill the position. It has cost them literally thousands of dollars in lost revenue and in some cases cost them contracts. In an article in the Arizona Daily Star and published 11/20/2006, author Andrea Kelly says,
ďThe tech boom a few years ago funneled several of the people who might otherwise have gone into civil engineering into online jobs, and now the lack of engineers applying for jobs ó some positions have been open for more than a year ó means more government departments are turning to outside contracts to get the work done.Ē The article also mentions that twenty-one of the Wastewater Department's 58 engineering positions are open."

We hear reports similar to this everyday. Itís not news to us or is it a wonder why so many engineering companies are using the professional services of Engineering Headhunters to fill the many vaccant engineering jobs.

Thank You:
Thank you and please take a moment to explore our website to see what THE AVERY GROUP, INC. can do for you. For clients, we look forward to taking the stress out of finding the right person for the right job. For candidates, we look forward to helping you make the transition into the right engineering jobs for you, where you can contribute and become a valued asset to our clients.

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