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Our Process

Professional Recruiting Services:

  •  We speak with your company and obtain a complete job order,including job description, favorable traits, experience, skills/certifications and any educational requirements.  This       information allows us to focus our search.

  •  Explain our process and fee policy to client.  We are a contingency search firm and you only pay our fee if you hire our candidate.

  •  Conduct research of marketplace to include client's direct, indirect and favored competitors.  Determine and identify additional companies that employ candidates with desirable traits.

  •  In-depth recruiter telephone interview with candidates to determine the following three things:

    -Does candidate have the appropriate background?
    -Are they willing to change jobs and if necessary relocate, for the right reasons?
    -Determine if candidates career goals will be satisfied by client's opportunity?
    -Present to client only qualified candidates for feedback or interview.

  •  Contact client and present candidates background.

  •  Arrange first face-to-face or phone interview with client and candidates.  Only candidates meeting criteria will be presented to client.

  •  Prepare candidate for face-to-face or phone interview.

  •  De-brief and receive feed-back from client and candidate after interview.

  •  Professionally release any candidate that client does not wish to pursue.

  •  Arrange for second and any subsequent interviews with client and candidate.

  •  Negotiate package to be offered to ensure satisfaction of both client and candidate.

  •  As part of our service, we can present verbal offer from client to candidate.  We recommend this approach, before a formal written offer is sent.

  •  Speak with candidate regarding resignation and explain action to take, regarding a counter-offer, from present employer.

  •  We will confirm offer acceptance and candidate start date.

  •  Verify with client that hire was successfully completed.

Engineer Candidates


We work with engineers who are open to finding engineering jobs that are a good fit for them and the client company.  There is never a cost to engineers for this service. 

Resume Submission

Engineer Interview

Candidates are encouraged to email us a copy of their current resume to match against our clients needs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

When do we pay a fee?

You only pay a fee if you hire an engineer that we introduced to you.

Do you only have clients in the U.S.?

No, we have engineer clients internationally as well.

Is your search confidential?

Yes!   Often times companies that have key openings can be vulnerable.  Confidentiality can prevent competitors from finding out about shake-ups in management and marketing strategies.  It can also help protect against employee and customer apprehension concerning projects.  We at Avery Group value the sensitive information they may come aware of during the  search process and respect the  companies vulnerability.